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Midyat resembles a  town from the middle ages with it’s houses and structures.  Midyat is almost 1 hour far from the mardin city center. There are regular minibuses from mardin to midyat .

Midyat has been popular last few years especially with the tv serials productions done in the midyat district. Especially Midyat konukevi attracts many tourists because of these tv serials.

Midyat has a peculiar art almost going to  finish called telkari  in Turkish filigree in English .  Filigreed gold or silver  products.  All these goods are unique and handmade. Recommended to buy one of these souvenirs when you get there.

Mor Gabriel Monastery built over a hill very close to Midyat in 379 .  There are many places to worship and living sections  in the monastery.  Mor Gabriel monastery was also  used as episcopacy center .

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4 Haziran Pazartesi, 2012
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torn aksel
Message :
mardin midyat
midyat is la district which grips you from the first sight with its architecture and land

20 Ocak Cuma, 2012
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daphne lauren
Message :
mardin midyat
midyat a hub where culture and art meets. telkari art must be seen and telkari jewelery must be bought.