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Harran Guide

Harran`s history dates back to 5000 years old. First islam university was built in here. Until the city was destroyed by the Mongolian attacks  in 1271 became a very big science center in time.  Some scholars such as ; Battani who calculated the measure correctly between the world and moon , Cabir bin Hayyan one of the first atom scientist , Sabit bin Kurra the scholar who translated the greek philosophy books to arabic language had lived in harran.

Harran is a place where the eastern mitology  intensely lived. Adem and Eve after kicked off from th heaven first landed harran.  Soil first time was ploughed in this area.

Tips for travellers;

You can either go by car or catch a regular minibus going to Harran. When you Harran the children will  be waiting and surround you.  All these children can guide you the land. My recommendation to you to travel with one these children as the adults will invite you to old historic  houses to have a rest and drink tea to decept you to buy one of their goods or products. All houses in the land protected by government. It’s banned to build new houses but all houses courtyards turned to a cafe.  Local people trying to earn money from the visitors and all invite you to their courts. 

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manfred gross
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DAs wird garantiert mein naechstes Urlaubsziel

29 Ocak Pazar, 2012
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jessica allyson
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harran trip turkey
i got a round trip in turkey. Harran was the most impressive place for me to be in. harran houses are so weird but people are very welcoming and friendly . If you have time to spent in harran i recommend the people to try delicious local foods.