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 ULU CAMII Sanliurfa Grand mosque


Mosque located divanyolu street in the city center . Mosque was built over a wreckage of church known as red church. You can still see the courtyard , columns belonging to old church.  It`s assumed that the mosque was built around 1170-1175 years by rich merchants from city.

Urfa Grand Mosque architechturally shows similarity with the Halep grand mosque built by Halep emperor Nuredding Mahmud zengi that`s why urfa grand mosque was thought to built in the same period. Mosque called as red mosque because of the red colour used on the columns .

In the Harem section of the mosque a well exists . According to a belief a handkerchief sent to King abgar By jesus christ wia his apostle dropped to this well so the water in this well believed to have healing effects.

A watch added to minaret of the mosque almost 90 years ago converted the minaret to a watch tower. This watch tower is the first and only one structure in the city.

North west part of the courtyard surrounded by thick walls is a graveyard. Here the tomb of Sehabeddin Ahmet lies and visited by  people .

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