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Edirne had been the Capital town of Ottoman empire for a while . In that period Edirne`s population reached 350000 people and became the 4th largest and biggest city in Europe. Just the mosques built in that period almost 80. After the Ottoman capital moved to Istanbul Edirne started to lose the importance and attraction. Population decreased to 135000 people in 1915. Edirne invaded until 1922 by Russians , Bulgarians and Greeks. Kale ici ( Inner part of the Castle ) is the oldest settlement shows the history of the city. People who didn`t accept the Islam after Ottoman empire had conquered the city inhabited in Kaleici. Kaleici is worth to see with wooden house and structures.

The oldest known community settled in Edirne district is the people who are called Odris and connected to thracian race that`s why the first name of the city assumed to be Odrisa.

After Odris reign , Macedonians dominated the area and in their period Odrisia name developed to Orestia.

Roman emperor Hadrianus owing to strategic position of the district changed the status to a city and gave his name to city. In this period city called as Hadrianopolis .

In the Ottoman period city started to mentioned as Edrinus , Edrune, Endriye. Sultan Murad the first changed the name of the city as Edirne. Since the 18th century city knows as today name Edirne

Selimiye is one of the greates building you can see in your life. You will be delighted by the visit of this splendid mosque.


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kapikule border
edirne has the border gate called kapikule. Most of the visitors to Turkey and people leaving turkey prefer to use this border gate. Kapikule is quiet big and modern border howeveer it stucks especially in summers with thousands of individual incomings and outgoings. If you are driving to turkey from Bulgaria try to use the uzunkopru or karaagac borders

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edirne tours
if you are living in Turkey in istanbul. rent a car to get edirne or just join a 2days trip to edirne. You will see the greatest architectural structure and biggest mosque together with many structures belonging to ottoamn empire. Traditional , delicious foods peculiar to edirne are also an attraction to let you enjoy the area.