Homer in his epic story Iliad both used Troy and ilious for the same place. Troy name used 49 times and word Ilios 106 times in the Iliad epic story of Homer. Sacred Ilios definition often  used in Iliad. Comparatively less used name Troy defined in the story as surrounded with solid walls ,  tower , wide street , windy city. Both names used for the city is older than Homer.  The saga had reached the homeros by word of mouth in years.

First excavations of troy were done in 1870 by a rich ameatour archeologist ( Henrich Scliemann) . Schlieman started to excavations based on the epic story of iliad by homer , his aim was not archelogical ,  his intention was the hunt to legendary  treasury of Priamos  .

Most important side of the Troy is that the after old civilizations burned and collapsed new ones founded over and over in the same place.Usually when a city is collapsed new cities founded over another land. Troy gives a big chance to investigators to discover and examine the 5 thousand years of the  human history, culture and architecture

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31 Mart Cumartesi, 2012
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henrich schliemann
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trojan war
trick of trojanwar was a great idea to pierce defense of troy . this trick has become an inspiration for the internet freaks to use this trick to capture someone elses computers

29 Ocak Pazar, 2012
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troy sally
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thank you to my parents for picking the name troy for me.. i didn't know how troy site was so glorious and played a very important role in greek mythology.

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