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 Canakkale unites  Europe and Asia parts with its shores and connects Agean and Marmara seas. Historical national park located in Gelibolu peninsula where the bloody wars occured  and many martyrdoms , monuments , tombs built for memory of these wars, ancient civilizations such as Troy , Assos  attract  hundreds of thousands visitors to Canakkale.

Many castles were built by civilizations had sovereignity in Canakkale due to the its strategic position. Across the Canakkale bosphorous kilitbayir castle rises. Castle was built during the Sultan Fatih Mehmet reign. Name of the city Canakkale derived from the castle had located in the city centrum. As the all other cities situated nearby sea. Main settlement placed near the sea and ferry-port.  The land lies alongside the carferry port is very dynmic and live day and night all day long.  Bars, restaurants, cafes stands seafront.

Troy , Assos 

Watch Tower

Watch tower one of the symbol of the city located across the city port . It was built by the Italian merchant and consulate Emil Vitali in 1897. Four facets of the tower ornamented with watches. The fountain at he bottom of tower was built by jewish man called Halyo. 

Canakkale Museum

Canakkale museum located in the Ataturk street  has  a very wide collection of historical artifacts. Museum separeted to 5 sections .  In the garden of the Canakkale museum reliefs , gravestones, statues and scripts exhibited.  In the first section of the museum antiques from the early settlements , local hand made ceramics , some ottoman artifacts  and  goods from Hellen and roman  period  found during the excavation of Troas , Mysia , kyzikos are exhibited. Second section completely separated to trojan artifacts and antiques.  In the third section ; goods found in the tumuli of Can and yenice and necropol of Bozcaada exhibited.  Fourth section hosts the skeletons and found in the excavation of Dardanelles tumuli in 1959. Fifth section is separeted to Asos , gulpinar smintheion excavations.




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canakkale war against anzacs
every each turkish citizen hast to visit this sacred land and have an idea about the wars made for thr independency of turks. especially martyrdom of canakkale is very touchy..