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Bursa is a very important city with the history it has. Many monuments related to christianity ,islam and judaism religions still stands and protected. The  Counsils which are very important for the christianity religion  were gathered 17 times from 324 until 1563 years .  8 of these councils were done in Turkey.  1st and 7th counsils were conducted in the Iznik (nicomedia) province. Iznik (Nicomedia) is one of the and most important  sacred pilgrimage center for the christianity religion.

When you mentioned the name of Bursa ; You should know that this city covers many different attractions such as , mosques , Mount Uludag, Textile products , chessnut sweets , hand made knives , silk , velvet and most famous kebap of “Turkey Iskender kebap” . Especially in winter time Mount Uludag with its ski facilities and five star resorts must be visited.

Places to see

Archeology museum

Museum located in Bursa’s cultural park. Museum has 4 exhibition center. Historical artifacts from the pre-historic eras , old coins , stone and glass artifacts exhibited in the museum. Especially old coins collection is worth to see.


Museum of Ataturk

Museum located in the Cekirge street next to Celik Palace Hotel . Originally a mansion used by the Ataturk founder of Turkish Republic during his visits to Bursa. It was converted from a mansion  to museum in 1973.

Building is one of the nicest sample of the 19th century civil architecture. Built by wooden materials. All the goods exhibited in the house originally used by Ataturk. 

The other museums worth to see are “ottoman house museum” , museum of the house where Mudanya truce were negotiated. Iznik museum and Iznik hagiasophia museum.



Bursa is an important tourism center in view of religious relics and structures. Mosques take a big part of these attractions. Yildirim mosque , Green (yeşil cami) mosque ,  Emir sultan mosque and mausoleum , Muradiye kulliye (complex of buildings adjacent to a mosque) , hudavendigar mosque and kulliye are the mosques to be seen.

 Bursa Ulu Cami ( Grand Mosque )

Turbe ( Shrine )

 A lot of shrines were built in bursa especially belonging the Ottoman empire family members . Many family members common point whose shrines built in Bursa were suffocated or sentenced to death . We can align , Yildirim turbe , Emir Sultan , Yesil (green ) turbe ,hatuniye , sehzade (sultan’s son )Mahmut, karamustafa pasha , Osman, Orhan gazi ( victorious fighter and emperor ) , Sultan Cem , Mukrime hatun shrines worth to see .




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bursa which had become the capital town of Ottoman empire in time still has numerous historical monuments left from the ottoman period.

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Bursa divine city