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We observe and understand from the remnants that the burdur city and neighborhood (known as region of lakes ) have witnessed many civilizations from the very first historical eras until today.

Around the city belonging to these historical eras 50 tumulus , 25 ancient sites and  historical remnants are available.

Burdur , located on the western part of the mediterannean region which is known as the lakes district.  There are many assertions about the origin of the name Burdur. One of the most logical view is the derivation of name from “Limobrama” which means the city of the lakes.

Burdur Ulu Cami (Burdur Grand Mosque)

 Watch Tower

Must do in Burdur



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burdur university
burdur univesity is not so popular in turkey but if you ever cone and visit burdur city and university you will change your mind about burdur. burdur is lovely city. if you are an erasmus exchange student you'd love to extend your stay in burdur