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 Balikesir is a real tourism paradise with the seacosts from marmara , agean seas and cultural, historical , natural beauties.

Crystal and clean sea water embrace the sandy beaches , wonderfull bays covered with bright green coloured olive groves, numerous small and big islands , Mount Ida ,  mentioned  in the epic story of Homer contains the most oxygen all over the world  and healing springs are the values to put Balikesir is one of the most important tourism place for Turkey.

The name of balikesir derived from a name given to a chatoeux built in this area by the Roman emperor Hadrianus .  Chatouex used to known and called as Paleo.  Paleo statement was modified to Balikesir in centuries.

Due to the location of the city has many counties having coasts , beaches and as being very close to most populous city Istanbul . Balikesir mostly attracts Turkish people to go for holiday and own summer houses and villas.

Here are some popular counties you can visit in the city.

Ayvalik, bandirma, edremit, erdek, burhaniye , gonen, marmara

Tour facilities ,

Balikesir usually is not included to travel agencies tour programs though can be added to itinerary upon individual requests. Tthere are different alternatives available for the  Individual visitors who want to go Balikesir on their own .






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21 Haziran Perşembe, 2012
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joris flipse
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sutuven waterfall balikesir
su means water and it is said tuven means splashing. Name of the waterfall is hundred percent deserved whilst the strong splashing water can be seen after a fall over 17 mt height from the hills.

9 Haziran Cumartesi, 2012
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turkish olive and olive oils
olive tree which is the first tree of all can be seen anywhere in balikesir . olive oil an olive productions are one of the main income and source for living. best quality and healthy golden liquid (olive oil) must be definitely bought and used in your meals.

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