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Mount Nemrut

Mount Nemrut ,  2206 mt height and has a wide view of the euphrates river and plains of the area.

Peak of  the Mount  Nemrut  hosts the tumuli tomb of an important  King of Kommagene civilisation’s Anthiocos the first .  The monumental tomb is made of pebbles accumulated  on the grave and created a tumuli.  On the Terraces around the tumuli , fire altars and huge statutes and reliefs are made.

Eastern terrace

On the thrones which are  roughly 10 mt height , huge god statues in sequences and sitting position are presented. Surfaces of the statues turned to the sun . On this terrace , representing the domination of sky a protector eagle ,  representing the land domination a protector lion , King of Kommagene Antiochos the first , Zeus, Apollo and hercules statues presented.  Behind the thrones ,  composed of 237 lines and expressing the religious , social thoughts of  King Antiochos by  testament  is available.  North and southside of the terrace , reliefs of the people from the royal family is presented.  In front of statues fire altar and next to it a lion statue in a sitting position is available. Sunrise is being watched from this terrace.

Western Terrace

As in the Eastern Terrace , together with the huge god statues sitting on thrones,  King antiochos’s  relief depicted as shaking hand with gods  are presented.  Related to astrology a lion horoscope relief  located in. By moon and stars placed on the lion relief  we can see the date july 7th 62 B.C This date is they day of King Anthiochos  ascended to throne.

Sunset is watched from this terrace.

Northern Terrace

Northern terrace is a 180 mt long ceromony way connects the west and east terraces . Incomplited pedestals and reliefs can be seen on the way.


ARSEMIA ( Arsemia of Nymphaios )

It’s located east side of the nymphaios river and used as the administration  center for the govermant in summer time.  Plenty of reliefs  and known the biggest Greek inscription are found in this area.  150 steps below from inscriptions a place used for worshipping can be seen.

How to go Mount Nemrut

The best period of the year to go mountain Nemrut is between April and October. Sunrise and Sunset is so glorius as not be seen any other places in the world. 

Acces to mount Nemrut until Karadut village is motorway after the village road made by cobblestones.  Travellers usually use tours to visit though from Adiyaman car rental is another option.



Nemrut Tours are made as Long , Short and normal 3 different  ways.

Long trip : To experience the sunrise from Adiyaman departure is 2:00 a.m .  After arriving and watching sunrise , Arsameia ,  Castle , bridge of Cendere and Tumuli of Karakus visited.  This trip roughly  lasts 5-6 hours. Visitors who want to go and watch sunset  should depart from Adiyaman at 2:00 p.m

Short Trip :  Only Mount Nemrut is visited . Lasts 4 hours.

Normal Trip : Trips not included with sunrise and sunset.  Most common depart is mornings  yet can be done anytime of the day.

Before Climbing up to Mount Ararat , don’t forget to  put a jacket on. Even the weather is so hot in the town after climbing 2000 mt weather will be very rigid and windy.



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11 Ekim Perşembe, 2012
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Bird Topley
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Nemrut Sunrise Tour
Thank you for the tips about Mt. Nemrut and tours. It was very usefull before i went for a trip to Nemrut. The history, nature, view and atmosphere were incredible.

6 Haziran Çarşamba, 2012
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bob stanley
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nemrut tours
visiting , having a trip around adiyaman together with the watching sunset or sunrise on the peak of mount nemrut is a part of typical tours made in the area. the hardest point of the mount nemrut tour is climbing to the top whilst encountering sudden and hard changes occuring in the temperatures.

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