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Ishak Pasha Palace


The structure was almost completed in one century. Further more than a palace structure was built as a complex (kulliye) . For the second time , organized palace system applied here after the first Glorious topkapi palace, Chamber of Harem of Topkapi palace design was copied during the building. Palace located on a steep and rocky cliffs only the east part of it has a convenient land for the entrance and exit.


The land where the palace was built descends gradually therefore height terraced walls and basins are made. Terraces were covered with black dressed stones and height almost fifteen meters . Building has two “U” shaped courtyards but both were devastated from first one just surrounding walls and the second courtyard basins of rooms remained standing.


Ottoman , Persian and Seldjukian marks can be observed in the architecture of the palace. When the structure seen from a further point you feel the palace has a harsh and rigorous aspect . This view is a result of the steep and hard land however the interior and exterior of the architecture of the building presents peace and tranquility.




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11 Mayıs Cuma, 2012
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david james
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ishak pasa
ishak pasa palace is the star of eastern anatolia history

22 Şubat Çarşamba, 2012
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ishak. pasha
round trip turkey let you see this Architectural wonder of the world i was amazed with the ishak pasa palace i wish i could spend at least a few days in there