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 Marmara Region, is one of Turkey's seven geographical regions. Corner between the Balkan Peninsula and Anatoliaprü linking Europe and Asia with properties that can be said. Approximately 67 000 km² and  Turkey's 8.5% of revenue comes from this region

Marmara Region, industry, trade, tourism and agriculture developed. The most developed industrial areas in the cities of Istanbul and Bursa, Kocaeli, although the region's industrial activity is widespread in other regions. As the major industrial products, processed food, textiles, garments, cement, paper, petrochemical products, white goods can be considered.

Approximately half of the wheat crop of wheat and sugar beet, corn and sunflower follows. Region, approximately 73% of Turkey's sunflower production, corn production is around 30% of the carries. Tekirdağ Viticulture is also highly developed, Sarkoy, Murefte, and the island of grapes and wines are renowned Avşa.

Seven geographic regions with the lowest elevation in the region. 30% of sown-planted land. 11.5% of forested areas' tour. Is common in poultry and sericulture. Population and population density is very high due to migration. Energy consumption and tourism income is the highest region.

Istanbul, Tekirdağ, Edirne, Kirklareli, Yalova, Kocaeli region entirely within the borders of the Sakarya and Bilecik oprakları and the Black Sea region, the Bursa and the Aegean Region is the land. ÇanakkaleEdremit settlements around the Gulf remains within the boundaries of the Aegean region. 

Istanbul is the largest city in the Marmara region.

The free surface area and population with the smallest city in the Marmara Region, is the city of Yalova. The most densely populated buralardadır.Kütahya 's so called sovereign of the district is in the northern parts of the Marmara region.

Istanbul, Marmara region is densely populated will play an important role.

Is based on provincial centers are not located in Marmara region.

IstanbulEdirneKirklareliTekirdağCanakkaleTexasYalovaSakaryaBilecikBursaBalikesirDuzce is located partly in the Marmara. Coastal Cities found in the Sea of Marmara

  • Istanbul

  • Tekirdağ

  • Canakkale

  • Balikesir

  • Bursa

  • Yalova

  • Texas

Not found in the Coast Province in the Marmara Sea

  • Kirklareli

  • Edirne

  • Sakarya

  • Bilecik (Bilecik's no sea, no beach)

Marmara Region, on the basis of the region which still has three neighbors. In the southern Aegean Region Black Sea Region in the east and southeast Anatolia region encompasses the land area. Get the name of the region except the Marmara Sea;

Istanbul, Tekirdag, Kirklareli, Kocaeli and Sakarya provinces via the Black Sea, Canakkale, Edirne, and is BalıkesirEge Sea coast. in the province through 


Star mountain in the Marmara region, Biga mountains, Kapıdağ, UU, Samanlı mountains, Polity Mountain, Protect the mountain, the mountain lights, Armutçuk mountain, Mount Ida, cheeks are dağ'ları. Uludag is the largest of them in Ontario. Height of 2543 meters.

Rivers and lakes 

In the region, despite frequent small-scale river network. Sakarya, Ergene, Susurluk, Magnus, and Biga region's main rivers are the River. Large and small in the region has many natural and artificial lakes. Büyükçekmece Lake, of Lake, Durusu Lake, Lake Iznik, Sapanca Lake, and Lake Ulubat Manyas Lake, fresh water lakes which are open air. In addition, especially on the Peninsula in southern Marmara irrigation department.

Climate and vegetation 

He says the climate in the Marmara Region, one with the name of the title not correct climate, the climate prevailing in the Marmara Region Black Sea climate, continental climate and is a transitional state between the Mediterranean climate. Annual rainfall in the region 500-1000 mm. The wettest winter in December, January and February months of falls. The driest months are June, July and August are the months. Donlu number of days in the snow and the low coastal areas. The inner part of continental influence increases as you go. Shrubs on the shores of the Aegean and Marmara Sea, the olive is found in the southern Marmara coast. Is the dominant vegetation of shrubs to a height of 200m. Steppes Ergene Basin occurred does not indicate that the prevalence in the whole region. Where the elevation, especially in forests are found in Thrace.

Temperatures below 0 ° C. The number of days late is too short. Marmara Region of the annual temperature: -16 ° C to 14 average, the warmest month average: 23-25 ° C, the coldest month averages: 5-6 ° C.. Annual rainfall is about 600-700 mm. In the Marmara region in the north and northeast winds are generally from the work aspect.

National parks in the region 

  1. Gallipoli Peninsula Historical National Park (Turkey)

  2. Ida Mountain National Park (Balikesir)

  3. Gala Lake National Park (Edirne)

  4. Uludağ National Park (Ontario)

  5. Manyas Bird Paradise National Park (Balikesir)

Economic Activities 

The people living in the Marmara Region in industry, commerce, tourism and agriculture provides. Turkey's main industrial zone. The most developed industrial areas in the region, the Istanbul-Bursa-Izmit is the axis. Since antiquity, which is an important commercial center of Istanbul on intercontinental routes, the region provides a nationwide rule. Other parts of the region are also commonly found in industrial activities. Among the main industrial goods produced processed food, textiles, garments, cement, paper, petrochemicals, household appliances, ships and yachts can be considered.

In the region has also diversified agriculture. Approximately half of the cultivated land consists of wheat fields. Production of wheat, sugar beets, corn and sunflower production monitors. Approximately 73% of sunflower production in Turkey, approximately 30% of corn production in the region that perform a significant amount of production of vegetables and fruits are found. Corn production in the Black Sea region after the second area, follow the olive production in the Aegean region. Gemlik is famous for table olives. Also developed in viticulture in the region, Tekirdag, Sarkoy, Murefte, Avşa and is known for its grape and wine island.

Marmara Region in Europe's southeast, to the world's most beautiful landscapes, architecture and art work has an important. Marmara Sea islands, peninsulas and bays, mountains and forests in the region in history and nature while integrated with the city. Many great civilizations were born and developed and is rooted in this region between the two continents consisted of the migration routes of the tribes. Of these tribes settled in the area and the nation at every step of the traces they leave it is possible to come across. With unique natural and historical value of tourism in the region is very advanced. Significant number of tourists come each year to the region. Turkish tourism in the region of the country finance, investment, training and operations center.

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