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Van and its surroundings is an important location in terms of geography and the defense  that’s why van has been home to many civilizations and inhabited by many people with different cultures.


 Van city is one of the important tourism centers with its  cultural assets, natural beauty, local traditions,  transportation facilities and climates offering four seasons with different beauties.


Van and the surrounding region is very lively and moving since ancient times.


The city was oldest residential area of the Turkmens  has been home to various ethnic groups at different times.


Van is also  affected  by different cultures from neighbourhood as being a border city. A very colourfull cumulation of  cultures have been emerged in centuries . Today the remnants , traces, marks , beliefs , habits  and ancient structures belonging the history of Van



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White cats of Van region
Van region is famous with it's white coloured cats having two different eyes colour in each eye. When you look at a typical Van cat you will see one eye is brown and one eye is blue similar to husky dogs.