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  The known oldest name of the Bingol City is Cebel-cur. In time it’s most likely pronounced as  Cabakcur which means flowing clean water. 

According to Evliya celebi writer of the famous itinerary (seyahatname) Bingol’s name has given by the Alexander the Great. 

According to tale , Alexander The great couldn’t find a cure for his irresistable pains though going to all famous and best doctors.  That’s why he decided to look for the immortality water (Ab-ul hayat) . After a long investigations he finally finded this sacred water and recovered all his pains and suffers. 

Afterwards he ordered his men to build a castle to the land where he found the water and get cured. That castle had been named Mingol . By  local people it’s been changed to it’s former name Bingol


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