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Ankara is the capital of the Republic of Turkey located in a very central point of middle  Anatolia. Due to its centrall ocation and production of the woolen fabrics made from goat feathers, throughout the history especially during the reign of the Seljuks and the Ottomans made Ankara  a center of trade routes and caravanserais.


Ankara siginificantly took a part during the national resistance in the leadership of Ataturk right after the First World war and Ankara has been declared the new capital of the Republic of Turkey upon the salvation of foreign occupancy after the national Liberation war in October 13, 1923.


Ankara is  the second most populous city in Turkey with an altitude of 950-1050 meters. The City is famous for its pears, goats and cats. Ankara, in general has the continental climate type;  the summers are hot and dry , the winters are cold and snowy arid. Rain usually falls in spring and autumn.


Ankara today is the home both for the international meetings, negotiations and relations and local governmental meetings. Head offices of every service provided by government and Military Headquarters are planted in Ankara therefore more than 50 percent ofthe population in Ankara is working for the government or military.


Ankara has also many tourist attractions and historical sights to see such as; Museum of Anatolian Civilizations, Monumental tomb of Ataturk ( Anitkabir), Thermal spas, Ankara Castle etc.


How to go Ankara?


Road, rail and air transportationis provided. Ankara is easy to get from any part of Turkey via  highway and railway networks. There is also a very big and modern international airport that serves domestic and foreign lines.

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philippe coustue
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ankara shopping fest
ankara is going to be the capital of shopping as well between 8th of june and 1st of july. do not miss the shopping opportunities when you get ankara .

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haymana cag termal
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haymana hotels
haymana ankara is a pretty small place and with new investments made for the thermal tourism attracting more people to come the haymana for natural treatments

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