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Eskisehir is a province located in Turkey's Central Anatolia  and survived untill present day since ancient Phrygians period.

  Due to the Anadolu University and Osmangazi University found in  city . Region  become a place  with full of students and young people.

Many  famous personalities in Turkish History such as Yunus Emre and Nasreddin Hodja had lived and grown up in Eskisehir.

Eskişehir is famous with survived  hand embroideries and handicrafts arts such as Stone Processing , meerschaum carving ,  Alpu Silver Processing and pottery.

If  you are a visitor in Eskisehir must places to see are ; Eskişehir Archaeology Museum, Yunus Emre museum, meerschaum musem , Yazilikaya Phrygian Valley, floral motifs Monument, Statue of Small Yazılıkaya, Unfinished Monument, Monument Gerdekkaya, Phrygian Rocks , Seyitgazi Caravanserai, the Seljuk Baths, Develik Han, Scabies Bath, Bath Alpanos-shaped and many more which i can not remember now.

 Thermal tourism is highly developed in the region with ten natural  thermal spas .

 Eskisehir is a really very interesting city, like the heart of Anatolia, from a distance it seems like a town where a barren desert, but when you get  into the city, it is a city .. As a kind of Izmir, Antalya,  Bodrum  and a city like the venice with gondols over the porsuk creek.

Though  far from the sea Eskisehir is one of the most attractive place for in and out tourists. Famous with it's universities, city design , football club and historical places. Eskisehir is a must place to see.Doctors street , Adalar , Espark Avm , Kanatlı Avm , Haller and many cafes in the city are the places to see if you just want to spend time in the city.

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Delaney Spire
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rent an apartment in eskisehir
Eskisehir is a popular destination for student exchange programs and Erasmus students. my recommendations for guest students in eskisehir to stay several days in a hotel and then rent a studio apartment composed of only one room that coast 150$ a month. real estates and students you r gonna meet would love to help yoy to find best place.

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eskisehir is my favorite city in turkey with modern structures, transportation services , universities , bars and restaurants

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