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Bayburt is a  city located in the Eastern Black Sea region and surrounded with Erzurum from east , Gumushane from west , Trabzon and Rize from North and Erzincan from South.


Bayburt established on the northeast anatolia  by the Coruh River. Mountains with high ranges rise from north and South parts of The Bayburt city .



History of Bayburt city dates back to 3000 BC. City was established by the Azzis. Between 770-665 BC region was suffered from the attacks of  the Cimmerians and Scythians. Bayburt is  a Turkish city for 2500  years  .


Bayburt has a big potential for cultural and sports tourism with the available historical values and natural sports facilities.


Things to see in Bayburt ;


Bayburt Castle , Bayburt Watch tower , Bayburt Grand mosque ,  tombs belong the old legendary people , underground caves and typical Bayburt houses are the  places to visit in the city.




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