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Duzce Western Black Sea's only the ancient city as the surviving today an important administrative, economic and social developments, always up in the way, in many areas the development will provide the infrastructure available, but the August 17 and November 12, 1999 earthquake after a short period of re-development can, December 9 Born in 1999 at 81 Became the province. 
Rain forest called the forest, the most beautiful plateaus, Natural Wonders Samandere and Güzeldere Falls, Efteni Bird Paradise, Springs, Highland and River and Western Black Sea Region, surviving only ancient city Prusias - Konuralp Museum worth seeing is a province. 
Districts of Düzce, Akcakoca, Cumayeri, Cilimli, Gökyaka, Gümüşova, and Yigilca is Kaynaşlı. 

Konuralp Museum: The Western Black Sea town of Duzce Konuralp one of the ancient city and is intertwined with the ancient Roman city of "Prusias Hypium Name" was founded on. Konuralp Museum, 1825 archeological pieces, 456 ethnographic pieces, 3837 coins have a total of 6118 pieces. This works in the museum garden, archeology, ethnography, stone works are exhibited in rooms with coin section. 
Museum Tel: (90-380) 212 38 17 
Mosques and Shrines 
The Mosque in the 14th District Konuralp Konuralp century 'was also known. Dilaver hundred years ago, restored by a person named Agha preserved until today. Konuralp Tomb, the mausoleum of Karakoy, Cumayeri and Ahmet Dede Tombs are the tombs of Düzce important. 
8 km from the town of Duzce Akcakoca. located to the southeast in the village of Fakıllı Fakıllı Cave is interesting. Cave, one meter high, 15 meters long, can be reached from a gallery. Still preserve the natural features in various aspects of the cave to go to the galleries, is interesting stalactites and stalagmites 
Duzce province of local foods, the Albanian Pastry, delete Burrito, Göbete and ravioli, the Fold, Yellow Burma and Pastry, Bosnian Pastry and dessert, pancakes, Höşmerim and Chicken Keskek the Lepsi, prosperous, and if Halujları, Black Cabbage Dinner and Corn Bread can be considered 
What to Buy 
Duzce as something that can be taken from the region's most important agricultural product, which may include nuts and tobacco cologne.
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