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Kastamonu History:

Finds in and around Kastamonu, shows that the first settlement based on the Paleolithic period. Region, then the Hittites, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks, Chobanids, Candarogullan and Ottomans dominated.


Kastamonu, Sinop, go to the port at the crossroads of the Silk Road is located. Bus terminal in the city center.

6th district in the seaside town of Kastamonu in İnebolu small tonnage ships loading and unloading can take is a port. Also, Cide, Abana, Çatalzeytin districts are small ports.

Kastamonu airport construction work continues.

Central Bus Station Tel: 0366214 12 12-214 86 79-214 64 12

Terminal inner city: 0,366,214 64 12

 Culture and Tourism Entity:

Ilgaz Mountain National Park

Location: Western Black Sea Region, Çankırı and Kastamonu province is located within the boundaries.

Transportation: The park in the Çankırı-Kastamonu highway transportation is provided to state and area 45 km to Kastamonu., 200 km from Ankara. away.

Feature: the transition zone from central Anatolia to the north Anatolian terrain of rising Ilgaz Mountain region are typically serpentine, schist and volcanic rocks occur. Movements in the field in terms of structure formation as well as the mountains are interesting examples. Our country's longest and most moving north Anatolian fault, the broken line, passes through the southern slope of Ilgaz Mountain. Also areas of different character valleys ridges and peaks occur, on the landscape beauty, providing geomorphological structure has. Ilgaz of the hill crest towards the growing black pine, Scotch pine, fir dominant tree species occurring vegetation, rich ormanaltı community is supported by. Abundant and rich vegetation, with rivers flowing all the year created conditions of roe deer, wild boar, wolves, bears, foxes, according to the type of wildlife habitats such offers.

Another important source of national park is the winter sports opportunities. Ilgaz Mountain natural and recreational resources of the main characteristics of this form.

Where to see: Ilgaz Mountain move the location of the structure and formation of mountains, interesting and attractive features to attract visitors is by example. Also in National Park area and landscape values of the different plants that offer a wealth of valleys and ridges are places that must be seen absolute. The National Park offers skiing for Ankara, which is the point of an important host.

Existing Services and Housing: closest to the city centers of the National Park is in the center of skiing. In addition, visitors to the field of natural hiking, tent camping and caravan facilities and amenities are available for daily activities.

National Park within the boundaries of generating stations and hemlock valley trout ponds services are open to hunting. Between June 15 to September 15 visitors can do in this field such as sport fishing production according to the request from the station have the opportunity to buy fish.

National park for visitors to eat and drink and accommodation needs to park in a hotel, administrative Museum and Village Services General Directorate of training facilities is located, as well as National Park in the winter sports of Physical Training, the Directorate General of Tele-Chair Plant is located.

Kastamonu - Bartin Kure Mountains National Park

Location: Western Black Sea Region in the Limits of the Kastamonu and Bartin province covers an area of 37 000 hectares.

Feature: Kure Mountains National Park on the western Black Sea region of the Kure Mountains rich diversity of trees, wildlife and the flora and fauna of the places that are untouched, unopened sahiptir.Kullanıma. Administration as a National Park around Azdavay, Pinarbasi, International, Bartin, Kurucaşile, and Cide has Amasra. Deer, roe deer, bear, wolf, fox, jackal, rabbit, wild boar, singing birds and reptiles and birds of prey, there is.

Where to see: in the village of Ilica Ilica Waterfall Canyon Aydos Well worth seeing is The Canyon and Ilgarini Cave.

Existing Services and Housing: The National Park Management Agency does not have the services there.

Tools Tomb Mosque Pine (Natural Monument)

Location: Kastamonu, Car Tomb Mosque in the garden

Feature: 600 years old, 25 m. long, 1.85 wide and 5.55 m. environment with wide pine tree.

Plant Date: 09/27/1994

Kastamonu-Beldeğirmeni Village Plane Tree (Natural Monument)

Location: Kastamonu, İnebolu

Feature: 800 years old, 50 m. 2:30 and 9 meters in length m.çap width around the sycamore tree.

Plant Date: 21/04/1995

Kastamonu-twelve brothers Natural Area

Location: Kastamonu, İnebolu

Feature: 95-105 years old, 35-40 m. 40-45 cm in length and each one. in diameter, adjacent to the fork 12 has a single root which consists of an area of beech trees.

Plant Date: 21/04/1995

Kastamonu-Erenler Pine (Natural Monument)

Location: Kastamonu

Feature: 300 years old, 5 m. 0.9 and 2.70 m in length m.çapında width around the pine tree. 30-40 cm thick and 12-15 m length of the tree in the branches are parallel to the ground.

Plant Date: 21/04/1995

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