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Historical  name of the province in ancient times was Sandrake. When the area Turkized  it is thought that city was called as Zongalik  , meaning swamp and reed.


According to another saying about the name of Zonguldak that  the Belgian and French coal mines operator companies were used to call the area as Zone Guel Dock So the name was originated from this saying.


According  to archaeological finds in the area  history goes back more than 2,500  years old  It is believed  that the Hattis  are the firs inhabitants of the region . Zonguldak has become a living place throughout the history and traces of many civilizations transferred to present day .


Major attractions can be seen and visited in Zonguldak are ;

Kdz.Ereğli (Heraklela Pontike), Filyos (Tieion), Gokgol, Cumayani, Kizilelma, Sofular, Iliksu, Ercek, Cehennemagzi caves ,  and Orhan gazi camii ( mosque) , Hidayetullah Camii, Lutfiye Camii, Koprulu Camii, Izzet Mehmed Pasa Camii,


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