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Sinop located  in the midst of the Black Sea at the most northern end of Turkey has hosted many civilizations throughout history by having the natural harbors (internal and external ports).

Sinop is  a suitable and  worth to see place with its  special  location, 175 km extending long  sandy beaches,  famous sweet blue and less salty sea, rich vegetation, abundant water resources and deep bays, as well as the suitable  air, sea, land transportation to be visited from every part of Turkey .

Black Sea  also known and having a bad reputation with its strong waves calm downs in Sinop beaches so the calm sea of sinop has established a very good alternative for sea tourism as well in the region.

Local people living sinop has a very deep hospitality behaviours like in the other anatolian cities . You will feel at home with peacefull nature , nice people , crystal clear waters and comfortable accommodation facilities in the region

As well as natural beauties of sinop , city has also abundant of cultural and historical artifacts , monuments  and findings left from the civilizations had lived in the region from bronze age ,ottoman empire periods until today.

Sinop is also a city  offering alternative tourisms for any interest such as nature , wild life , bird watch , adventure etc.


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tatlica waterfall
sinop tatlica waterfall is an area with full of peace and nature. gentle plash of the falling water from the top and sounds of birds will make you refreshed and cleared from all the stress.