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Sanliurfa have been a land for many civilizations since 10th century B.C and used to know as Urfa until The government of Turkey gave the title of Sanli ( Glorious  ) in 1984 to city.

Urfa accepted by authorities as the born place of the prophet Ibrahim whose name mentioned in Koran , Bible and Torah (old testament) even a mosque was built in memory of Ibrahim the prophet.

Places to visit in Sanliurfa

Old city ; City center which has a middle east style was emerged around a very lively and active bazaar. Traditional architechture of the city partly degenerated though when you go more into city to streets you can encounter with old houses and structures. One of the restored old house to see is The Surkav culture house

Gobeklitepe when you drive  20 km far from Urfa you will reach the Tumuli of Gobeklitepe where  remnants belong the worshipping structures , figures and reliefs of wild animals can be seen .

Harran name derived from the word Harran-U which means caravan or crossroad. When you go Harran you will see the old conical shaped houses and remnants of the old Harran university which was collapsed during the invasion of Mongolians.









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