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Zazu  Restaurant


Zazu cafe – bar – restaurant ; situated accross the Bodrum yacht marina is a place where you can both have a delicious dinner and spend nice time when you are having your drink .


Zazu  is a smartly decorated , stylish place with its rocking chairs , comfortable sofas ,  rush mat chairs ,  puffy cushions and post -modern  pictures on the walls. 


What  to eat in Zazu restaurant ?


Rib with mustard Sauce, Sea Bass with Almonds , salmon with orange , Penne arabiata , Penne Porcini , tortellini , octopus carpaccio and Tiramisu are the recommended dishes to eat in the Zazu restaurant .


Where is Zazu restaurant ?


Neyzen Tevfik Caddesi, No:144/A Bodrum/Muğla


Tel: 00 90 252 313 36 45



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