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 The ruins of the ancient city of Sardis which was  the capital of the Lydian Empire  today situated  in Salihli District. The region has been a homeland for big civilizations over thousands of years . It’s also understood that the area was and important settlement place during Roman and Byzantine Periods.


The first money in the history under the guarantee of State minted in Lydia and Sardes being a part of Lydia civilization became a very rich town with Agriculture ,  tradings  and gold mining in the Pactolos River.


From 7th entury B.C untill 7th Century A.D Sardes had become an important city in the anicent times with its trasportation facilities ,  governmental  improvements and rich gold sources.


Sardis which  plays an important role in spreading Christianity to the west and mentioned revelation in the Bible and known as one of the 7 churches of Anatolia has a very distinctive place  in terms of religion tourism.


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19 Kasım Pazartesi, 2012
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Kentaro Sato
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Stunning Turkey
Turkey is a stunning country where you can see all the cultural, historical, natural assets in once. It is like the latest windows promo song; Everything at once. When i listen this lovely song i always recall the unorfgettable memories from Turkey. Sardes ancient site was also very impressive with its history and architectural wonders.