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Afrodit Restaurant

Afrodit which means Beautiful goddess Aphrodite in Turkish  is given  as a  name to this restaurant. Afrodit restaurant  deserves to have this name with its own  unique atmosphere  together with traditional historical memories which intertwined with local and foreigner guests.

The most delicious original dishes from the Turkish cuisine are offered in such atmosphere even better the Bosphorus restaurants.

Aphrodite cuisine as well as traditional Turkish cuisine is predominantly  formed by seafood. Aphrodite sea salad,   shrimp cocktail, seasoned octopus, sea bass in salt, steamed asparagus swallow, hogfish with wine,  jumbo shrimp cooked in tiles, grilled lipari and special fish skewers are just some of these specialties offered in Afrodit restaurant.

The traditional Turkish live music accompanied with  traditional instruments which is called “Fasil” will  make you enjoy your night twice more than a common dinner.

What to eat in Afrodit ( Aphrodite)  Restaurant ?

Fixed , set menu is recommended ;

Appetizers;  Armenian  style pilaki (stew of dried beans with onions) , Purslane with yogurt , Seafood Salad , saksuka , Spicy Antep ezme

 Hot appetizers ;Potato Croquettes , cigar shaped fried pastry

 Main course options ; grilled seabream , perch ,  chief`s special meatballs ,  Chicken cooked in dry clay

 Desserts ; Hot Semolina Halva and mixed fruits

Price for set menu  is almost 45 Dollars

Where is Afrodit ( Aphrodite ) restaurant ?

Address; Capari Street No.55 Kumkapi - Istanbul

Phone and reservation number ; 00 90 212 516 08 35 / 00 90 212 518 45 50




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