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Aga Restaurant


Aga restaurant continues the tradition of a flavor transmitted from generation to generation since 1920 inSakizagaci street which  lead toI stanbul's most important food and beverage, entertainment, and cultural center  Beyoglu, Istiklal Street.


Istiklal is the meeting point of people from all over the world. Art festivals, shows, exhibitions, all  kinds of events  flow through the Beyoglu Istiklal Street.


 The reflection of city’s multi-religious, multi-cultural structure seen immediately in this street. As well as mosques it is also possible to see the  churches,synagogues. You can hear any language and any song from the world in this international street.


Aga restaurant offers  a delicious meal in this festival with generous plates and reasonable prices.


What to eat in Aga restaurant ?


Appetizers ;Acili ezme , American salad , Albenian Style liver , cowpea salad ,CircassianChicken , carrots with garlic sauce , haydari , kadinbudu meatballs , stuffed cabbages and peppers.


Main Course ;Lamb stuffed with Brussels sprouts, roasted carrots & potatoes, broccoli

Stuffed Chicken  with and Su boregi , Tas kebab ,aubergine kebab , kebab with vegetables , Iskender Doner kebab , Grilled chicken steaks ,meatball skrewers , beef steak , Tenderloin


Desserts; Compote ,  Sekerpare ,pumpkin dessert


Where is Aga restaurant ?


Address : Sakiz Agaci street.No:5 / 1 Beyoglu / Istanbul ( Head office )


Branch : Akcaburgaz mah.  Across the Alkent 2000  No:186 Esenyurt / Istanbul


Phone and reservation number :Head office : 00 90 212 249 39 24 - 251 83 45


Branch : 00 90 212 886 21 00

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