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Museum Of Anatolian Civilizations


Museum located in the southeastern part of the Ankara Castle  in the neighborhood known as Atpazari and itis composed of  two Ottoman structures (Kursunlu Han – Mahmut Pasha covered bazaar) was chosen the best museum of the year in 1997 in Europe.


Unique collection of archaeological artifacts from the Paleolithic Age tothe Ottoman period are displayed in a chronological orderin the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations make the museum one of the most museum in the world.


Sections must seen in the museum; Paleolithic, Neolithic, Chalcolithic period, Early Bronze Age, Assyrian Trade Colonies Period, Old Hittite and HittitePeriod, Late Hittite Kingdom, Phrygian kingdom, Urartu Kingdom, Classical period, Ankara section.


Opening and Closing times for Anatolian Civilizations museum;


Opening  ; 08:30 a.m ( opened everyday )

Closing between April –October;19:00 and Closing between November and March ;17:30


Where is Museum of Anatolian Civilizations ?


Address: GozcuSokak No:2 06240, Ulus / Phone number: (312) 324 31 60


How much is the entrance fee for Museum of Anatolian Museum ?


Entrance fee is 15 Tl ( 7 € -9 $ ) per person

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An unprecedented museum with countless unique artifacts exhibited, is a must place to visit in Ankara