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 Ankara Castle 

The castle which  was built on a hill dominating Ankara and Ankara Citadel  has become a symbol of the city in time.

 The castle consists of two parts; inner and outer walls. It is predicted that the inner bastions of the castle was built in 7th century by Byzantines.  Later on castle was renovated and rebuilt after the destructive  Arab attacks inthe 9th century. Castle was used respectively by Seldjuks, Crusaders, Ottomans.


Outer part which formed by 20 towers and bastions in time today only has  a few visible remnants .  The towers in outer fortresses are in shape ofrectangular and have 2 gates each. Outer fortress castle gate situated in thewestern side( dis Kale ) and Hisar gate situated in south are one of theseremnants.

An inscription belongs toIlhanli principality  on the gate Hisar dates back to 1330 gives some clues about the history and people lived in it.


Inner castle is composed of pentagon shaped 42 towers which heights vary from 14-16 mt. The highest spot of thecastle is 978 mt.


Today many traditional 17th century Ottoman houses and Alaaddin Mosque also stand in and around castle.


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