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The city which has been a  home to   many civilizations have many historical structures to see  and visit . Especially the  mosques, baths, fountains from the  Ottoman period are very much influential in the area.


 Natural heritage areas and larch forests, resting places in the forests and caves are  waiting for nature lovers in Kirklareli.


 Kırklareli is a  newly discovered region for tourism with its beaches, nature and history. Being away from urban sprawl and industry making the  city a center of attraction .


How to go ?


Kirklareli is just 200 km away from Istanbul can be reached via car or regular buses in 3-4 hours .


It is recommended in Kirklareli;


to visit Hizir bey Mosque;

to eat Kagit Kebap ( paper kebab ) , sheep yoghurt

to drink hardaliye

to buy from local cheeses.




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