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 Turkish Market


Traditional Turkish Markets which known and called as “Pazar” in Turkey are the places mostly set up once in a week in a particular area of a district orcity.


Turkish Markets( Bazaars) is very colourful and interesting with the presentation of goods and friendly sellers.It is very much possible to find anything needed from the Turkish markets while they are having wide range of products including vegetables,fruits, clothes,watches etc.


If you are the first timevisitor of a “Pazar” you will be surprised with crowd and variety of products sold in. Prices in Turkish Markets are very cheap and affordable.


We can categorize the Turkish Markets in two different section;


Turkish Markets in big Cities; Bazaars  Set up in places mostly populated by Turkish people. These kind of markets are usually visited by locals for the daily and weekly needs of home such as vegetables, fishes, fruits. Besides many clothes and dressing pieces which aree xport leftovers are sold for  very cheap prices.


Turkish Markets in Tourist destinations; These kind of markets both opened for locals and tourists therefore variety of products unlike the Big city markets are designated according to demand of the tourists so apart from the vegetables and fruits, popular flavours known by tourists such as Turkish delights, baklavas, apple teas and fake branded t-shirts, jeans,sunglasses, watches, shirts are sold in Touristic Turkish markets.


*Tour operators and travel agents in tourist spots declare the day of Bazaar and organizes Market tours to their customers.


*Turkish Markets start very early in the morning roughly 07:30-08:00 a.m and last around 07:00 p.m in general.


Here is the list of Turkish Market days held in popular Tourist destinations in Turkey;



Fethiye Market ;  Tuesday


Bodrum Market Days;  Bodrum city Market –Tuesday / Turgutreis Market - Saturday


Alanya Market; Fish market area –Tuesday / Hacet area – Sunday


Antalya Market; Dedeman – Thursday / Harbour Market – Tuesdays


Marmaris Market; Fridays


Kusadasi Market; Tuesdays



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1 Şubat Cuma, 2013
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Laila Botros
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how much is the price of sun cream in Turkey ?
i paid 15 quid for a simple sun cream in the mini market of the hotel i stay in marmaris. i actually needed in that time but i feel i paid through the nose.. any idea !?

19 Ekim Cuma, 2012
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Alex Cross
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Turkish Bazaar
Traditional Markets in Turkey offers more variety than today`s modern shopping malls. After shopping in the market it is recommended to eat Turkish pancake (Gozleme) and drink Ayran for relaxing and for hunger.