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Local Time in Turkey


Turkey is on EET (EasternEuropean Time)  zone “UTC* + 2 hours”  which means Turkey is 2 hours ahead of  the Coordinated Universal Time or Greenwich Mean Time.

Here is a list of some  time differences between Turkey and othercountries.


Usa; Time differences vary according to states in America. New york, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South Carolina, Florida are 7 hours behind Turkey and Washington, Arizona,  California are 10 hours behind Turkey. So if it is 03:00 p.m in Turkey time in New York will be  08:00 a.m and in Washington  05:00 a.m


Turkey is 2 hours ahead of England, Scotland, Spain and 1 hour ahead of Holland, Belgium, Germany, Italy and has the same time with Bulgaria, Romania, Greece.


Turkey is 8 hours behind of Australia, 6 hours behind of Japan( Tokyo), 5 hours behind of China, 2 hours behind of India.


It is recommended to set up your time in advance before you get your flight in accordance with the local time of the country you are flying in.


* UTC is the  abbreviation of ( Coordinated Universal Time)

* GMT isthe abbreviation of (Greenwich Mean Time )

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