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Feast of Sacrifice

It is a very important religious festival celebrated by muslims. It is known as world wide Eid Al-adha and Kurban bayrami in Turkey.

Feast of sacrifice is the most sacred feast in islam together with ramadan feast. It is a commemoration for the story of prophet Abraham which he shows the loyalty and love to god even to dare to sacrifice his son and story ends with a ram sent by god instead of his son.

The people who sacrifice an animal in this feast believed that they get closer to the god. Sacrificing symbolizes the deep commitment, submission and gratitude to the god.

Day of Sacrifice as much as a religious feast is also a nice sample of socializing, helping and interdependence for people in Turkey.

Who can sacrifice an animal ? who is obligated to sacrifice an animal?

It is a religious practice which can be done by adult muslims who has enough wealth according to islam religion. The ones who has 80.1 gr gold apart from their debts and basic daily life needs, accepted rich and eligible to sacrifice an animal.

What kind of animal you can sacrifice ?

Sheep, ram, goats, cattle,buffaloes and camels are the only animals can be sacrificed during the feast of sacrifice.

When is the best time to sacrifice an animal?

Sacrificing starts right after the pray in the morning and continues untill the end of 3rd day of the feast.

What to do with the meat of Sacrificed animal?

Meat of the sacrificed animal is seperated to 3 different portions.1/3 of the meat is given to poor people, 1/3 of it is given to neighbours and relatives and 1/3 of it can be kept for yourself.

What are the traditions in Turkey during the Feast of Sacrifice ?

Kurban bayrami is an official holiday in Turkey there fore all the schools, banks, post offices, cargo companies and governmental buildings are closed for 4 days.

During this holiday period,people keep visiting each other and welcomes their relatives, neighbours,friends at their homes. As a tradition younger people have to visit olders and kiss their hands.

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21 Eylül Pazar, 2014
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esmaul hayaat
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eid mubarek Turkey
First time i will be in Turkey during the sacrifice feast. i am so excited by now. i love the traditions and rituals of Turkish people.

27 Ekim Cumartesi, 2012
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john barnett
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Bayram in Turkey
i admire the power of bayrams which they can make peace among the enemies, make happy the resentfull people and unify the families.