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Call to prayer in Turkey


Call to prayer, which is called and known as Ezan inTurkish, is an announcement for the prayers to inform the time of  namaz  (pray). The one who makes the call is known as muezzin.


The times of Ezan vary from day to day. Times of Ezan ( call to prayer) are designated according the location, sunrise, sunset, distance to Mecca (Mekke).


Ezan repeated 5 times in a day (24 hours) but each call to prayer is chanted in a different rythm.


Namaz( Pray)  times and names;


Imsak: Before dawn


Oglen: Noon


Ikindi: Before sun descends


Aksam: Sunset


Yatsi : After dusk is lost in the western horizon.


*** If you are for the  first time in a muslim country and Turkey, you will be surprised  may be afraid of the  sound of call to prayer especially early in the morning before dawn when you are sleeping. However later on you will get used to sound of it and even like the rythm of call to prayer.


Recommended; if you are in Istanbul and close to Sultanahmet mosque, to wake up and listen echoing sounds of  call to prayer from mosques in the same time and live the peacefull, quiet atmosphere.


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20 Mayıs Pazartesi, 2013
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Gary Pruitt
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Suleymaniye mosque
i was very lucky to see the Friday Namaz atmosphere. The unity of all people from different family and roots were absolutely amazing in the miracolous mosque Suleymaniye.