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Internet Access in Turkey


Internet usage in Turkey is very high in numbers and users of internet is increasing day by day. The internet access in Turkey mostly made via wireless internet connections( wi- fi). The speed of internet in Turkey compared the other countries is a bit slower because of the expensive prices of  the fast and  high speed connections.


The internet packages offered by the providers are mostly limited therefore all wifi users restrict their access to outside. When you check the wireless networks from your device(laptop, mobile phone, ipad etc.) in a busy street you will definetely find tens of different wireless connections with password protections which is actually an annoying situation.


How to connect a wireless network in Turkey ?


While almost all wi-fi networks are restricted and password protected there is a few things you can do for having a free or cheap wireless connection;


*Manyc afes and restaurants offer free wireless connection in Turkey for their guests. You can sit in a cafe or restaurant order drinks and ask for the password of their wi-fi.


*Internet cafes are very popular places in Turkey for the ones who need an urgent internet connection and computer. You can ask for the closest internet cafe to your  location and use any computer to connect internet for 1 or 2 Tl per hour (0.50 Cent-1$ ).


*Almost every Hotel, guesthouses and motels offer free wireless connection for their guests. Itf the connection requires password ; reception staff of the hotel will help you to give the password.


*Big bus companies in Turkey such as, Kamil koc, Varan, Ulusoy, Pamukkale etc. also offers free wi-fi connection in the bus.


* If you are looking for an internet access any time anywhere in Turkey without any restriction; the best way is getting a pre paid sim card for your  mobile device. 



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Vernon Philander
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internet connection in Turkey
The speed of internet in Turkey is not as fast as America. I used internet in many hotels, cafes, restaurants and airports though connection speed was always poor.