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Tipping ( gratuity ) in Turkey

Tipping is not an obligatory custom in general  however  there are some necessary services which has to be tipped.

Turkish people do not usually prefer giving  extra money to the service they get unless it is really  and truly satisfying.  Tipping customs and tipping expectations also change from region to region.

Tipping is kind of obligated payment in some countries such as  in Usa and European countries. The top travel destinations in Turkey attract millions of tourists from these countries therefore  the people who work in tourism industry expect to have tips from almost any service they give. As much as serving the  tourists the temporary  seasonal jobs owned by the tourism workers also increase the expectation of tips from the visitors. ( Bus drivers, airport transfer drivers, guides, waiters, porters, bellboys, customer relations, barmens etc.)

Tipping in Restaurants in Turkey

Tipping in restaurants is actually up to service you get. If you are happy with the foods, service and atmosphere in general you can tip to waiter 10% of the  total bill. Seperately   tip can be handed to the cook chefs.as well.

Tips in restaurants in Turkey are shared among the waiters so you can also leave your tip to the tip boxes which mostly stands in a central visible place of the restaurant.

Tipping in Hotels in Turkey

The biggest income of the bell boys are based on the tips they get so it is necessary to tip bell boys who help you to carry your bags. 5 to 10 Tl will be enough in general for the porters.

If you are in holiday in an all inclusive hotel, it is recommended to tip  50 Tl or 100 Tl to one barmen you like in order to take faster and better quality service.

If you are also satisfied from room cleaning you can also tip at the end of your holiday 50 to 100 Tl to the room cleaners.

Tips are also necessary for the drivers who will pick you up from the airport to the hotel but if you hire a taxi tips are not necessary.

Tipping to customer relations and concierge is also necessary. If you request something personal and special for you such as, restaurant reservation, flower orders, change of flight tickets etc. Tips should be given to person who deals with your request.

Tipping in Tours in Turkey

If you join just a Daily tour to a historical site  both driver and guide will expect to have a tip at the end of the day. If you are happy with the tour in general ( safe drive, good knowledge of the guide, services etc.) 10to 20 $ can be given both to guide and driver.

* Tips given to the guides generally are shared with the drivers by guides .

If you are in a long term round trip in Turkey for  5 to 30 days. Tips both for the guide and  driver minimum should be 100$.

Tipping for  the Massage Therapists in Turkey

Therapists who mostly earn comission from the massage they give also expect to have tips from the customers. As a customer if you are happy with the  massage and service you get you can tip 10 to20 Tl to the therapists.

What are the “NO tip”  services and places ?

Taxis, Buses, Markets, shops,  governmental services are the places where the tipping is not necessary and obligated.


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22 Şubat Cuma, 2013
Name and Surname:
Gracie Harvell
Message :
tipping to barmen in an all inclusive hotel
barmen in all inclusive hotels are fed up with the free loaders and mostly ignore or delay their orders thus just tuck a small tip in his hands and served with a enthusiasm and friendly behavior.

13 Kasım Salı, 2012
Name and Surname:
Charlie Strutton
Message :
tipping the staff in Turkey
most of the time staff in many places in turkey are very welcoming, helpfull and friendly without any tip expectation but there is also exceptional rude staff as well who makes nothing and expect money. you must be the one who will make the decision to whom to tip and how much to tip. never feel obligated to give extra money to staff unless you really believe they are sincere and honest.