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Bogazici Restaurant  Izmir

Bogazici restaurant promising to serve the best local kebabs, the most freshest and delicious fishes of the Aegean sea and the richest vegetables menu in a warm, elegantly designed restaurants located in Bostanli and Uckuyular districts of Izmir city.

Where is  Bogazici Restaurant in Izmir; 1- Cengiz Topel Caddesi No:38/B  Bostanlı/Izmir

2- Mustafa Kemal Boulevard;  Upper floor of Ferry Jetty / Uckuyular- Izmir

Phone and reservation number;  00 90  232 330 00 13 / Bostanli 278 88 88 / Uckuyular

Categories: Turkish Cuisine, Kebabs, seafoods, appetizers, barbecue, special menus, Local tastes. Hot appetizers, starters, Salads, Brunch, Organic foods.


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