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360 Istanbul


The first time you enter the 360 Istanbul restaurant , a unique view of Istanbul will fascinate you. Later,you can enjoy a delicious meal. The tempo of the music increases in the night with passing time . Eventually 360 Istanbul will make you live an unforgettable evening with full of entertainment.


360 Istanbul, following the latest trends in the world offers a very rich and delicious menu.


What to eat in 360 Istanbul restaurant ?


Recommended main course :Chocolate chilli beef Tenderloin (Preserved orange & cinnamon carrot Puree) , Fillet of Dorade in Wine Leaves. Havana roll .


Pumpkin cake is worth to try.


Min. cost vary 50-100 Tl per person.


Where is 360 Istanbul restaurant ?

Address: Istiklal Street, Misir Apartment

8th Floor No: 163 Beyoglu – Istanbul -Turkey


Phone number : 00 90 212 25110 42 - 43


Mobile : 00 90 533 691 0 360


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21 Eylül Cuma, 2012
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tim yank
Message :
watch istanbul from the best place
Nothing to be said its location, view and entertainment. but there are too many tourists coming. That`s why for me 360 istanbul is not as interesting as it deserves to be.